College For Campus

Faith HR has for the first time devised its Campus Recruitment Solution, which is a first of its kind service in the world for SME level national / international companies. We at Faith HR have started to organize campus placements, job fairs for Colleges situated in far flung small cities and states where till date major companies were not interested to participate.

Colleges can today have campus placement / job fairs organized without having to run from post to pillar as we at Faith HR take the total organizing in hand and guide colleges based on our gained experience how to make the event a success. By having a well organized event from beginning to end, colleges benefit from our professional approach.

Inviting and arranging companies for the event from reputed SME level enterprises (national/international footprints of operations) who offer a growth and learning opportunity to the selected students.

  • Total event planning and handling.
  • Campus Recruitment with Faith HR improves the placement record for college & improves student employability.
  • Suggestions for improvement of College standards as per feedback collected/received from participating companies at end of the event for overall college/student improvement.
  • With Campus Drives students will have advantages like single window to many companies, Unbiased, fair and equitable screening process, Equal Opportunity for all, Application not lost in black hole.
  • College student database is made available to us by the college which is used by Faith HR for placement opportunities to students even after campus placement, job fair at no extra cost to students and college.
  • We have already organized many successful campus placement drives/job fairs in different colleges. The response from other colleges willing to have such events conducted through us is very encouraging.
  • As we look forward to quality and not quantity we look forward to sign up with only Colleges that meet our criteria’s for such events.

As a college if you are interested to have a campus drive or a job fair organized through Iknowx please send us your proposal at dheeraj@faithhrsolutions. or Fill the form below we will get back to you as soon as possible:

  • On-Off campus Recruitment.
  • Objective.

The major objective of campus placement is to identify the talented and qualified professionals before they complete their education. This process reduces the time for an industry to pick the candidates according to their need.It is a cumbersome activity and hence majority of the companies find it difficult to trace the right talent. Since, many of the students do not understand the importance of training that is being imparted, whether it is an aptitude training or soft skills. When they show least interest due to various factors viz., projects, assignments or more of activities loaded by the colleges as part of their curriculum it actually demotivates the students and make them hate placement training. Companies which plan to train the students and make them equipped on all aspects of career development should make an impact in the minds of the students that every minute they spend towards their training is knowledge for them.